Sunday, December 20, 2009

TWO babies?

Meet Stella. (is it OK that posted a picture of your baby Ashley? I hope that's not creepy...I just couldn't help it, have seen this girls cheeks?)

She's beautiful huh? And the picture doesn't do justice to the hair. I LOVE it. And oh those legs! And her skin! And she's sweet and kind and reverent. I might still be baby hungry......

We got to hang out with her for just a few hours, and wow. Hats off to Kristina who had twins. And Sister Platt who had triplets, then twins. And any other mother who successfully raised (and by "successfully" I mean "you all survived") more than 1 baby at a time.

The truth is Stella is a complete angel, but when my sweet baby Thomas cried, Stella followed suit (it took a while for us to decide that she was actually crying and not just "talking" because she doesn't screech and squeal like Thomas does, she makes nice angel sounds and a bit of a sad face....). And Josh sat on the love sac "leading the choir". And there I sat, with only two hands, wondering how to sooth 2 babies at one time.

He's so helpful.

And then it had been like 3 whole minutes and they both fell asleep.

And stayed that way forever.

On second thought, two babies is EASY! :) (just kidding Kristina and Sister Platt....just kidding.)


  1. I really like those bunny slippers! Also, good work taking care of two babies at the same time!

  2. IT's not too bad once you get past 6 months.


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