Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Whose issue is it anyway?

We talk to (and for) Baby Thomas all the time, and lately I catch both of us pegging our issues on him.

  • I'm constantly asking him "Are you really hungry, or just bored?" As if my 2 month old baby has already inherited my  bad eating habits already.
  • Josh had to have tubes in his ears when he was young and they strapped him to the Dr.'s table so he wouldn't move. He does't like Dr.'s tables. So, he avoids putting Thomas on one. Every time we go to the Dr. and we have to undress Thomas he tries to undress him while holding him in the air. And then I remind him that we have a whole table to use for just such an occasion. He also avoids putting him on anything hard and table-like when he changes his clothes at home. He only uses the changing table because it's where the diapers are. Probably the changing table is just as traumatizing for Thomas as the Dr.'s table...but not for Josh.
  • Every time I break down and cry with Thomas in my arms Josh feels the need to remind Thomas that "just because Momma's crying doesn't mean you did something wrong. We love you buddy."
  • And every time Josh leaves I remind Thomas that he's not abandoning us, he'll be back and just because he doesn't spend all day every day with us doesn't mean he doesn't love us. Quality Time is my love language and Josh leaving for most of every day is slightly traumatic for me. :)
With all these issues to choose from (and many many more we don't even have) I can't wait to see what kind of junk he has. Is that bad? 

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  1. :) Poor little Lucy feels lonely whenever I put her down.


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