Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas: The nuts & bolts

Wanna know what was so great about Christmas this year?

Here's the short list. (Ha! As if I'm capable of a short list....bwa ha ha ha ha!)

My tree (aka the light holder...)

My mom's table settings. Lovely huh?

The nativity my nieces & nephews always do.

Christmas cards from friends.

Treats from more friends.

Our new Fontanini.

Baby's first Christmas. He's thrilled, can you tell?

Santa always seems to find us and provides our stocking stuffings every year. I heart Santa.

Baby "opened" his Christmas presents.

Part of our stocking stuffers from Santa were the ingredients to build something.

We built a creature.

Currently the name of the creature is up in the air - any suggestions? Here's a closer look.

Grandma loved the calendar Misty built for her.

Dorky Christmas outfit #2 lasted longer than the first one.

Josh was totally surprised by his new mountain bike. And he was excited enough that he rode it around the block. He really likes it and that makes me happy.

We got to talk to Caleb (Josh's younger brother who is serving a mission in Oklahoma).

My baby showed off his toe-spreading abilities. He gets it from me.

Cousins-Matching-Dorky-Christmas-Outfit photo shoot went well.

In all it was a very Merry Christmas.

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  1. That looks like fun. Your creature reminds me of that old movie the Labyrinth with David Bowie. I looked it up on IMDb and I think the creature it reminds me of is called a Firey... So that is what I think it's name should be. :)


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