Thursday, December 3, 2009


Remember when my baby was born?

My sister came to the hospital to visit me (because she loves me so much) and she brought her baby with her. Lucy is about 2.5 months older than Thomas.

When Thomas was born Lucy was probably 25 times the size of Thomas. And I remember thinking it was ridiculous that she was so big already! I couldn't imagine hauling around a kid that size. I just kept saying how huge she was. Because she was.

Today Thomas and I went to visit Misty and Cayson.

Thomas is about 1.5 months older than Cayson.

You can see where this is going - right?

Have you ever seen a baby as big as mine? Ever? In your whole life? I didn't think so. He's huge. And old. Showing off his muscles, kicking his toes, responding when I say his name. He looks like he could pound on that kid (not that he would - he's much too nice for that. But he totally could.)

Meanwhile Cayson is laying there curled up in a blanket like a tiny little baby.

The weird thing is that I never really noticed when I started picking up my babe under his arms instead of by his butt and head. I didn't notice when he started to move his arms instead of them flopping around when I moved him. I have no idea when his feet started to stick out from the bottom of his nightgown.

Do you think this is what my mom feels like when she looks around her empty house and realizes all her babies have babies of their own?


  1. Yes, I do think that is exactly what mom feels like. It's also what this mom feels like when she can't even pick up her baby who is 7 year old anymore!

  2. Ohhhh he's growing up so nicely :D

  3. First of all--AAACK! How did our tiny boy get so huge?

    And secondly--yes, that is absolutely what Mom is thinking; followed closely by "I'm getting so old I'll probably die any minute." OK, maybe Mom's not as morbid as I am. :)

    P.S. Those are two BEAUTIFUL babies!

  4. AND

    You are a slacker mom!

    I can see kisses all over those cheeks and arms and toes. Isn't there ANYONE who could take care of those for that boy?

    (p.s. Cayson has them, too. Get on the ball!)

  5. Oh. My. GOSH! Amy! He is getting so big. He is soooooo cute!

  6. Wow! He is huge and I havnt even seen him yet:( Thanks for your comments on the blog. Miss you!

  7. Um yea, lets nots even talk about them having their own's hard enough when you think of them in school, going to the bathroom by themselves!! AND, those might be the cutest pants I have ever seen on a little boy!

  8. They do grow up soooo fast!! And I love his pants in the picture - so cute!!!


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