Thursday, December 24, 2009

Running & Christmas Surprises

This morning I went running again and in my 35 minutes (plus 45 seconds because I was technically "cooling down" the last 5 minutes) I ran 3.5 miles.

It was good and I'm proud of me.

Plus I have a totally SWEET Christmas/Birthday present for Josh. And he has no idea that he's getting anything he doesn't know about. Surprises really are better than "ooh look! It's the sweater you made me try on before buying! And the game I picked out for myself! Thank you santa!!!"

I can't wait to see his face Christmas morning.


  1. I'm proud of you too! that is good enough to run a 5K. I ran on once, after a lot of running at home. it made me feel very accomplished. That is my goal for after I have my baby, run another 5K. Thanks for the bread, it was really yummy and it was so much fun to see you three. Thomas is really so cute and you two make such cute parents. I'm very happy for you!

  2. 3.5 MILES! Seriously, I am amazed. One time I walked around a mall, sort of... not sure I actually saw all of it. Anyway, yep, you are so much more COOL than me! :P

  3. Awesome! You should join me in a 5K sometime. I have a goal this spring/summer to run a 5K a month. I'd also like to try a 10K before the end of 2010.


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