Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A new level of motherhood

Last night after feeding Thomas I started to burp him and he promptly puked down my shirt. Miraculously I cleaned him up before I cleaned me up. I think that means I know what "a mother's love" means.

I also fell asleep while feeding him and an hour later realized that the bottle was still in his mouth - given that he spent the next 2 hours spitting up and burping and farting (which is the favorite Sunday School activity by the way....he has a lotta nerve NOT using my quiet book, don't you think?) it would seem that he was sucking air that entire time. Go me.


  1. I love your cheer for yourself at the end. Go you. :)

    My shirt has been puked down several times...oh, funny story I haven't shared on my blog yet...

    Miriam was lying on my lap right after a feeding and Rachel went to kiss her little face. Right when Rachel's face was lined up with Miriam's mouth, Miriam spat up. It fountained up out of her mouth and hit Rachel squarely in the face.

    Rachel started spitting and backed up, declaring, "Why'd you do that, Baby Miriam, why?!"

    Soooo funny.

    Also, Rachel was the worst during Sunday School. Everyone always knew when she needed a diaper change because she blew-out every.single.time. and made this huge noise. Seriously, all I did when she was a baby was feed/do laundry.

    # of blow outs with Miriam = 0

    Go her.

    PS...I think my comment was longer than your post. But I figured you'd appreciate it since it's 1:30 in the morning. :)

    Have fun with your little boy!

  2. :) Motherhood is awesome... even the icky parts!


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