Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Word vomit

Amy's big mouth gets her in trouble: Chapter 94

A girl I barely know (but hope to know better) told me she was pregnant because it came up in conversation while I was at her house helping her with a project. She just mentioned in passing and the entire discussion was about 12 seconds long. Congratulations! How are you feeling?  That kind of thing.

Then her mother in law came over and it came up again, so I mentioned it "so, do you know what you're having yet?"

Her MIL's head tweaked a bit and I immediately felt sick. I resisted the urge to physically cover my mouth with my hands and my eyes got as big as....something big, and she quietly whispered "no, not really. We're only 12 weeks along."

Then her MIL said "Oh my gosh! Am I missing something here?" and then I really did cover my stupid-big-fat mouth with my hands and said "oh my gosh, did I just out you? I'm so sorry!"

It was like 2 days before Christmas, and I'm sure she was planning to tell in some really cute way on Christmas, and why worry about telling me when it's that close to "we're telling people" time anyway? It's not like she's going to see me (or anyone else) in the next 2 days anyway, and who am I gonna tell? (answer: the whole blogging world.)

Can you imagine having to explain to your MIL why some random person who you barely know knew about your new baby before she did? There's no "we weren't telling people yet" excuse because you clearly told someone. So bad. So so so bad!

How do I fix this? "Gee. Sorry I ruined your grandchild announcement! Please invite me over to play sometime, OK?" Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.


  1. Ugh. I'm feeling a little queasy over this one myself. Cuz there's just no fix. I'm sorry...

  2. Ouch . . . At least she actually was pregnant. Maybe you could have covered it by calling her fat. Then everyone could feel dumb together.

  3. Yep. Totally should've called her fat - that would've been way smarter. :)

  4. Oh NO! This is so sad, and probably something I would have done too. Sorry!!

  5. we all do it. Three weeks ago I asked a lady if she was expecting a girl because she was holding her large tummy and browsing at baby head bands. Nope apparently she already had her baby, 10 months ago!!

  6. You poor thing. But in your defense, it seems only natural that if she's telling complete strangers (and of course, by that, I mean you) then her MIL would know too. The fact that Christmas was only two days away has no bearing on the announcement. Ok, maybe it's a little important, or a lot. But maybe you don't have a calendar or are really bad with dates. I'm just saying... Ü


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