Thursday, December 17, 2009

Where did he come from?

Sometimes I look at this boy and wonder where he came from.

These baby blues are something neither Josh or I can claim.  Josh is suspicious of the mailman....someday I'll learn how to take a picture that really shows how blue they are.

His inherent desire to wake up after just 4 hours of sleep certainly didn't come from either of us. But his need to be held certainly did.

And this pouty face is a gift from the Fugal family. During cryfest 2009 I finally didn't feel guilty taking pictures of the pout instead of trying to comfort it. You. are. welcome.


  1. Ha ha ha! I love that pouty face! Don't feel guilty...I once filmed Asher crying just because I wanted to record the cute newborn cry. What are you gonna do when they won't stop crying no matter what? Make it a memory! lol

  2. That pout is priceless!! I love it. I've perfected me pout, too. But I use it on my husband, not my momma (at least not much!).

    Love your blog!


  3. Oh, that pout is so sad and yet so funny!! What a cute baby.

    James and I still have no idea how we ended up with JJ- his hair is so light compared to ours. James is actually part Native American, and there isn't a blond person to be found on his side of the family!

  4. I love this boy! (Just in case you were wondering)


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