Wednesday, December 9, 2009

2 months

Today we celebrate the 2 greatest months of our lives.

Because look how cute?

He loves to smile. Even though it looks like he's laughing here, I wouldn't say he laughs just yet. Mostly just inhales sharply while smiling.

But he's very thoughtful, and will just stare at me longer than he'll do anything else (except eating of course). My mom swears he knows who I am and he cares.

He's starting to grow hair on top (yay for ditching the bishopric look!) and he knows lots of new tricks. Most of which he proudly displayed at the Dr. today.

"Can he lift his head up when he's on his tummy?" Dr. asked.
Then she wanted to see.
When he propped himself up on his arms she got all startled and asked if he rolls yet. I said no, but asked if he should, she said not for a couple more months but that he looks like he'll tip himself over any day now. He's got the strength, he just doesn't know he can do it yet.

"Can he support weight on his legs?" Dr. asked.
"Yep. He's standing right now." I had him facing out against me with his feet in my hands so he could "stand" because it made him stop crying.
"Wow. He's got some strength in those legs!" Again with the surprise.

"Can he grab things and hold onto them for a couple seconds at a time?" She asked, then looked up at me for my response and said "nevermind, he's gripping that blanket I can see he's fine there."

I know every mom thinks their baby is smart, but mine is psychic AND smart (and a bit of a showoff...), beat that!

The kid weighed in at 10 lbs 12 ounces. That means he gained 4 POUNDS in the past 6 weeks. Is it just me or is that a lot? He is in the 50th percentile for height and weight and 45th for size of the noggin.

I congratulated him on being completely average. I love average.

She reminded me to talk and and sing and interact with him as much as possible because it will help him learn and develop. I laughed because I clearly don't have a problem with talking too little. I asked if it was possible to talk to much. She said no. You've been warned.

When the nurse came in to give him shots (why do the make the nurses do all the dirty work? The Dr. gets paid more, and gets to just hang out and look at the baby and tell the mom how cute he is, the nurse has to stab him and poke him and prod him and force him to lay on the cold hard scale. Sucks to be a nurse as far as I can tell.) he did surprisingly well. He screamed the red-faced, no-breathe, scream-of-death but once I picked him up he started to calm down (he knows just how to make me feel loved) and by the time we left the office he was half asleep.

My baby is a sweetheart.

*In case you're wondering if he wears these pants every day, the answer is yes. Pretty much. (Excluding the days we don't get dressed of course...) Because right now they're the only pants that fit him. Plus they're SO FREAKIN' CUTE.


  1. I was just going to say that those pants rock. LOVE the belt.

  2. 2 months and already psychic! That's awesome! :)

  3. Am, I'm DYING here. Look at all those smiles and all those kisses! Bring that adorable boy to see me soon. Please please please?

  4. Wow, look at him growing and being all psychic. Who knew? I hope that I'm as lucky with our baby girl!

  5. O-M-G! he is just ADORABLE! LOVE the laughing pictures! LOVE their little personalities. Hey, email me sometime and let me know WHERE exactly you live, now that I'm in SLC maybe we should get together sometime (jessica dot haworth at gmail dot com)


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