Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Tagged - 3 things

I've been tagged!

3 things...

3 joys:
1. My amazing hubby. He's the greatest
2. My neices and nephews. They are adorable and make me baby hungrier than anything else in the world. ("Hi Tato!" says Ryann)
3. Summer time (mostly food) - homemade ice-cream, bbq, salad, bolt, learning to play football, swimming, So You Think You Can Dance, night games, sleepless-overs, campfires, banana boats.....OK that was a cheating way to put a whole bunch of joys in one.....but it's all what makes summer so great!

1. Not being able to have a baby.
2. Roller Coasters (seriously, I'm a big baby. Like terrified. Josh forced me to go on the ltitle Atlantis ride at Sea World, and I cried.)
3. The scary sounds in the woods (bears, dear, racoons, wind, bad guys) when you're camping.
1. Being more healthy.
2. Finding the perfect job. (i.e. working for the mormons)
3. Having a baby - SOON please. :)
1. Blogging - althought you wouldn't know it this week....I have a bunch of pictures that I'll post as soon as I have time!
2. Things having a place in my kitchen. Don't put stuff where it doesn't go - and if it doesn't have a home, you don't really need it. Those are the rules, deal with it.
3. Tetris. This is a fleeting obsession, so I don't really know if it can count or not....but I put it on the bottom of my blog....and now I can't stop.
surprise facts:
1. I still hold the record for most crunches in 2 minutes at my Jr. High - look at me now....you'd never believe it. :)
2. I have an obsession with paperclips. They should not touch if they are not the same.  Same goes for sticky notes and sign here flags.
3. I did a cartwheel last week for the "talent" portion of my family home evening. And here's the surprising part: Josh was impressed. :) I love my husband for loving that I can cartwheel.
I tag- Aubrey, Ashley, Cathy (do you ready this as much as I read yours?), and as a bonus, Anna :)


  1. yay you followed through!! THANKS! :)

  2. I read your blog all the time!! LOVE IT! oooooh! You know what else I took from you (thanks for the tip)I signed up for the junk mail and we did FHE last night!!! :)


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