Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Slip N Slide

After the hot hike, we slip-n-slode at nana and papa's house.

You should know that slip-n-slide is a sport in my family. Unfortunately we don't have practice as often as most of us would like, but when we do - we go all out.

This year the plastic was bigger than ever (plenty big to race 3 people down it at one time) and we took full advantage of it.

My sister Sarah (who had her baby just 2.5 weeks ago) was brave enough to slip-n-slide! I hope I'm as cool as her when I grow up.

This is my favorite action shot of the day. This kid was seriously FLYING down the slide!

Spencer (my brother) like it when you take his picture. :) Well....not as much as Em likes it, but still....

This kids got cold (shocking, I know!) and went to sit it out on the porch when somebody brought out popsicles. I couldn't resist the photo-op. Aren't they adorable? Yes, they are. Ryann, my insanely cute niece, is spoiled rotten by all these boys who think it's way cool to have a girl in the family.

Since Picasa only does 4 photos at a time, see part 2 for the other pics.

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