Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Slip N Slide 2

Like I said - it's a sport. So, after we were done with the normal races like:
"standard" - fastest/farthest wins
"One leap" - you start at the top, take one gigantic leap and slide down as far as you can without any other momentum.
"rounds" - you slide down, run up the hill, slide down, run up, slide down and run up one more time as fast as you can.

The kids started whining that it hurt, or they were to scared, so we got a little creative on getting them down the hill.
The parent is the sled, and the kid sits on top.
The parents hold each hand, and drags the kid down the hill.
The parent grabs the legs of the kid and launches them to the bottom.
Then, the parents hold the hands, and drag the kid down the hill while they're still standing.
And that's how "surfer-dude" was born.

Randy thinks that if a kid can do it, he can too. And he's mostly right. He started trying to slide down the thing standing up. And he pulled it off! Of course the other boys wanted to play too - so they did. And one after the next, they biffed it. They fell hard, and fast, and none of them gave up. Spence, big-Josh, Clint and Garret just kept trying it over and over and over. And they did get pretty good at it. But more often than not they wound up on their behinds.

Spence attempting surfer-dude. You can't tell, but he's really sliding pretty fast.

This is what they all looked like most of the time - Mostly they were all just sore and bruised the next day. Miraculously we avoided any major injuries. The men in our family are tough.

This is Randy showing them how it's done. I don't know that anybody else slid down the whole length without falling more than once. So, Randy got a gold medal for that.


  1. i wish my family was as cool as yours!!! what is the black stuff? tarps? where do you get it. i wanna do this!

  2. my family is cool - you should know 2 things before trying at home.
    1. it will kill your lawn. dead dead.
    2. soap is slipperier. really.
    It's just black plastic - like what my dad used under the dirt in the garden. So, probably at a hardware or gardening store. As you can see, ours is HUGE, but if doesn't have to be. :) Enjoy and post pictures when you do it! I wanna see!


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