Friday, July 11, 2008


I think most nouns should also be verbs.  And "wave runner" is no different. Mostly because I have no idea what normal people call it when they take wave runners out on a lake. So, there it is, in all its awkward glory. Wave-runner-ing.

When Josh and I were engaged, we were invited on a family outing to "the dunes" with his dad and anybody else that dared go with them.  That was back before Steve (Josh's truck) died, so we headed out pulling a trailer with a 4-wheeler or 2 on the back.  I had never been 4-wheeling (*I just figured out that since when you ride a 4-wheeler it's called 4-wheeling, you can probably apply the same rule to wave-runners. It's now going to be called wave-running which is cool because now it sounds like exercise and it's not awkward. Score!) ever in my life. So I was excited and a little scared for this grand adventure.  Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately...if Josh knew what a wuss I was before we got married, he might not have gone through with it.....), Steve overheated on the way up the hill. We died in the middle of nowhere, with nobody near by.

Josh and I were alone in the truck, with no help or ability to fix what was wrong, and no cell phone service, so we did what everybody does. We looked under the hood. This is something that I have always done, and never really understood.

Something is broken? Open it and look at it.  Maybe there will be a flashing red light that says "push me and everything will be OK." I apply this principle to everything. Toasters, staplers, cars, watches, phones, computers, tvs, EVERYTHING. 99% of the time, I have no idea what I'm looking at, or what it should look like. And I know very well that I don't have a clue how to fix it, even if I could see something wrong. 

After looking at the engine for a long time, we decided to get out and play frisbee and go exploring. We wandered around, took a walk, I learned how to throw a frisbee, and more importantly I learned that Josh and I are good at having fun even when our day is "ruined".

We figured they'd realize we weren't with them and come back to rescue us at some point, but they didn't. Not until they were done playing for the day. After about 6 hours of being stranded on the side of the road, and when Josh and I were tired of studying and playing frisbee, we figured it couldn't hurt to try to start the car again. So we tried, and it ran.....sorta.  Rather than getting lost deeper in the dessert, we decided we'd head for home and see if we could get cell phone service (it helped that the truck couldn't go uphill and "home" was downhill). When we died again, we decided to wait. Josh's dad eventually came to rescue us and drag us home. The exciting adventure of the day turned out to be a bust in his eyes.

Since the dramatic 4-wheeling experience, Dad has been itching to take us out for some fun. 4-wheeling or wave-running. He has both toys, and enjoys both. Personally, I prefer biffing it in the water to biffing it in the sand, so wave-running is far more appealing. The only problem has been that Dad likes to go when nobody else does (because they're at work) which is hard because I'm part of everybody else who works during the day.

Last night, the moment finally arrived. Dad called at 4:30 and asked if we wanted to go for a couple hours. We did want to go. We didn't have other plans. So we went and had a great time!

I love the feeling of speeding across the water, then coming to a complete stop and feeling the water splash up in your face. I love "drifting" when you've turned much faster than the thing can keep up with. I love flying off because you can't hold on tight enough. I love going as fast as you can in one direction, and seeing the beaty of the lake, sunset and mountains. It was a beautiful night, and on a Thursday Utah Lake really isn't very populated. We had plenty of open space, plenty of time, and plenty of fun.

I rode with Tato (13 years old) and he had me screaming everytime he tried to throw me. Josh rode in circles around us and splashed us every chance he got. We each took turns riding with each other and riding "the little one" (I now understand the term crotch-rocket) alone.  I love that feeling of freedom and excitement! This would definitely be a good investment for us. If only we had the money....the trailer....the garage space.....someday we will.

We didn't leave until dark, and got home pretty late, but it was well worth it. Plus it makes me feel cool that we spontaneously decided to go out on a weeknight. We're cool. This is also the only thrill type thing that I genuinely enjoy. Probably the only one that doens't make me want to curl up in fetal position and cry. I normally hate speed, out of control, crashing, sharp turns, and anything else that sounds dangerous. But, for some reason, being the water makes all that perfectly acceptable.

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