Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Bear Lake

For the 4th of July, we went to Bear Lake with the Egberts. On Friday we went down to the beach, and some mean lady told us we couldn't set up where we wanted to.

We went to this great public beach, which on the 4th of July happens to be very crowded. We started to set up our chairs and shade cover by another group - when this grumpy old lady came over and informed us that they were having a family reunion and she didn't want us to set up so close to her.

She then informed us we could go up the beach about 50 yards and set up there as long as we kept the dogs tied up. Jeremy, being the incredibly nice person that he is did NOT point out to her that we had paid as much as she had to be there, and it was insane for her to be the boss of the beach. Nor did he point out that there were about 5 other groups of people between her and where she suggested we set up all of whom would have more say in us parking there than she did. He also did not curse at her. Or call her a grumpy old lady to her face. He just walked up the beach until we found this super-sweet spot. It's like a sand-city was just WAITING for us there. So, we took full advantage.

Josh was the boss of waterways. He dug out canals for the water to form in.

Jeremy started out as being the head of BDOT (as in Beach Department Of Transportation), but then he discovered his architectural skills - and check out what he made! Beautiful eh?

Off to the left you can see Jeremy's architectural brilliance, the cobble-stone road leads to the city capital - with a weed flag sticking up. Back behind that is the university., which is connected to our own pretend yellowstone - really it's just a volcano.

Sadly this is the ONLY picture of the two of us we took while we were there. Not pretty, but.....whatcha gonna do? We're happy and that's the important part.

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  1. your family is awesome!! i love that swing you dad built! and you make slip n slides! you guys rock!!
    hey you have to come to seattle to go on the cruise, right? let us know when and how much time you have from your flight until the time you have to get on the boat.


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