Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Josh loves her

My husband is whooped over another woman. I mean really whooped. He thinks she's the most beautiful creature on the planet. Her laugh makes his face light up. He'd rather hang out with her than anyone else in the world. She says his name, and he goes wild. He is really truly 100% in love with her. All of this is really hurts my pride and my sense of belonging to my husband. But, then I remember that this girl is 2 years old - and I'm whooped over her too.

When we played with the slip-n-slide, poor Ryann just didn't feel good. I held her, she cried. Her dad held her, she cried. Even when Katy held her, she cried. So, we wrapped her in a towell and set her on Josh's lap. She sat there for an hour without making a sound. She loves him right back.

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