Thursday, July 10, 2008


Never in my entire life had I been turned down for a job - in fact, most of my jobs just fell into my lap. Until last year when I applied for Jamie's position at the church - and I got REJECTED.

Fortunately I didn't need the job, I just wanted it so I could leave my current position. Since then, I've applied for what feels like a million (in actuality it's probably 5-10) jobs. I've applied, interviewed, had 2nd interviews, talent assessments, skills tests, and nobody wants me.

It wasn't such a slap in the face the first time because when I apply for a job at the church, I really feel like they pray about who they hire, and they hire people based on the spirit. That means that if it isn't right for them - there is something else that will be better for me too. It's comforting to feel like it's in the hands of a higher power.

Still, the sting that comes with "the phone call" still exists. "Another candidate selected" sounds like "eh.....we don't really like you". "Thank you for your interest" sounds like "you shouldn't have wasted your time". "We'll keep your application on file." sounds like "look elsewhere, because our 'file' gets taken to the dumpster once a week".

Logically, I know they don't hate my guts (they hardly know me, how can they hate me?), and it's unreasonable to think that I'm the best person for every job out there - but the sting of rejection is something I don't ever think I'll ever get over.

This morning I had a pretty good interview (at least I thought it was a good interview.....I've thought that before) and we'll see what happens. If it works out, it will be the coolest new job I've ever had (I've always had cool jobs), if not.....the coolest new job I've ever had is still out there waiting for me. I'm sure of it.

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