Monday, July 28, 2008


Yesterday after church Josh was going stir crazy and couldn't wait to go visit family, so we went to his parents house to distribute presents and show off pictures. :) It's always good to visit family that wants to hear about the vacation.....I'm not sure they really cared to see all 595 pictures, but we wanted to show them, and they humored us.

Those of you who were not there for slide show, I've added photos to the previous posts - and here is a link to the online album (don't worry, I didn't put them ALL in the album).

Last night since I didn't have to work, and Josh didn't have to work, we hung out with Cami playing games until 1:00 AM. We miss that. And this morning, it felt sooo good to sleep in this morning until....well later than I want to admit. :)

This morning was relaxed, filled with laundry, cleaning, and Josh and I going running this morning (read: afternoon, but it counts as morning because we weren't awake very long) and then I got ready for my interview. It's now 6:00 and I feel like we still have the whole night to hang out with each other because we got all out other stuff done this morning. How great is that? Very great.

Yes, it feels weird to not go to work, and I know I'll get sick of being home all day long eventually, but today.....I loved it. I really really loved it. And I'm already excited for tomorrow, I can run in the middle of the day, swim in the morning, do laundry, clean my bathroom, make dinner, and still have plenty of time to sit around doing nothing.....oh happy day!


  1. LUCKY!! Its so easy to get things done when you dont have kids undoing everything you've done. lol

  2. Wow! My fiance and I are thinking of an Alaskan Cruise and your experience sounds wonderful! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Okay wait a second.. you're looking for another job? You could always to work where Jake does he needs someone to keep him on his toes :)


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