Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Affleck Park

Last year Jamie and Cameron taught us about a place up Easy Canyon called Affleck Park. We went camping there and had a fantastic time. This year, since Josh and I realized that for the next 2 weekends we'd be on a cruise, and we hadn't yet gone camping - we decided last minute to go camping and made the Marshes and Cami and Braden (Tato) come with us - which turned out to be TONS of fun!

Ryann thought it was really cool that she could hear and see us through the screen.

Cami, Tato, and Ryann. Once we taught Ryann Tato's name - she couldn't get enough of it. She walked around the whole time saying "hi Tato! Hi Tato!" I'm told that she hasn't stopped now that she's home. I guess she has a thing for the men in Josh's family.

Me and Josh - see? We're cute. :) And yes, even thought it's 100+ degrees in Utah, when you drive up the canyon for 10 minutes, it's COLD at night.

Those Marshes sure are cute.

We're lucky to have such a great family - and even luckier to be able to go camping like that anytime we want. It was a great weekend.
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  1. JEALOUS!!! I wish we could have gone camping there, and I wish you would be here long enough to go camping! :( Next time!!

  2. Sad day...we miss you :( But I'm glad we taught you about a place where you can have fun and you can just think of us when you go :)


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