Sunday, November 18, 2007


We went house shopping on Saturday, before the bridal shower for my cousin, Josh and I went to see some houses. We went from Sandy to Murray and looked at 3 or 4 homes/condos. It's interesting the things I learned about my husband! He's into stuff, he wants nice stuff, and he's attracted to nice stuff. Who wouldda thought?

We found this very cute, 3 bedroom, small yard, homely condo in Sandy that I really liked - surprisingly more than I thought I would. Then we found this apartment style smaller, no yard, no garage, condo that came fully furnished, with a flat screen tv, that had tons of stuff in it, and Josh fell in love with it immediately. I was SHOCKED. I was so sure that he didn't want to live in anything like an apartment, and this DEFINITELY felt like an apartment. But, he loves it. The more we talk, the more I think he wouldn't actually want to own it, but I was surprised at his taste. I guess you just never know until you set foot in the perfect home....

We hope to do more house shopping early on Monday, but we'll see if it actually happens. I'm anxious to get in and see some more stuff, this time we're going to Davis county to see if we can find the perfect house. I'm sure it's out there, we just need to find it. I'm excited and scared of buying a house - it's a lot of money! But I can't wait to live somewhere that is really ours. I can paint the walls, put holes in them, change carpet, plant flowers, the whole thing. I'm thrilled to have newer furniture, rid ourselves of the ugly couch. Sigh. It'll be a beautiful thing.

Saturday night we played games with the Burches which was a blast! We had so much fun - and we stayed up way too late, and we listened to Christmas music and looked at Jamie and Cameron's tree. :) Yay for that. I've decided that the holidays are officially here because every single weekend between now and the new year is busy. Every one of them. So that may have been the last stay-up-late-playing-games-and-hanging-out night in a while.

Josh starts doing clinics soon - that means no more Saturdays. It also means he's getting closer to finishing this crazy massage school. I can't wait for it to be over - I can't wait to have my husband back, but it has to get worse before it gets better....or so they say. I'm ready to have a husband again and can't wait for May.

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