Monday, November 19, 2007

losing my mind

Do you ever feel lost? Confused? Like you are losing your mind? Today has been a little bit like that. Actually the whole weekend has been a little like that.

At Thanksgiving we had a "grateful turkey" and we all wrote what we're thankful for on feathers and stuck them in a squash. Only during dinner and everything else I kept calling them leaves. I couldn't remember that leaves are on trees and turkeys have feathers instead.

Since we had Thanksgiving yesterday at my house, that makes today the day after Thanksgiving. Since today is the day after Thanksgiving, that means it's time to put up Christmas! Yes!!! I dug up the tree......from the basement....I'm pretty sure this is the last year of that tree. It's served me well, but at some point I'm gonna have to say goodbye to THE tree. The thing is - well quite the sight. This tree has about a zillion memories.

Jamie and I bought this tree the year we lived in the dorms. My daddy always put a million lights on the tree and it was so beautiful. So, in order to curb the homesickness, I started putting a million lights on the tree - only I had never done it before, so it turned out having a zilllion on the tree and it just looks....well....bright. I put it up last year, but I think this will be the end of THE tree. But, for tonight it's up. For this season, it will do.

I'm excited to start wrapping presents and putting things under it. I got all excited about it, and then realized that I don't have a clue where my tree skirt, stockings, and other Christmas decorations are! Yikes! I don't even remember putting them away last year, I don't have a clue where they are, and I REALLY don't want to go digging through the basement full of the Griggs' stuff to find it. But, I guess I can't wait till we move out or it will be useless. So I suppose I'll have to start looking for it sooner rather than later....

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