Friday, November 23, 2007

I "heart" ebay

When we first moved into our current residence, we quickly found plenty of evidence that we were living in an older couples' home. The blue shag carpet; the picture wall of all 89 of their grand kids; the wood burning stove in their living room; the giant green couch (if you haven't seen this thing, you REALLY should); the blue walls; the wall paper; the fact that they used the bathroom that only has a tub and no shower; the list continues. But possibly the thing that caused me the most grief was the burner covers. They have an old electric stove and she had these ugly yellow and orange and brown burner covers.

You should know that I had a lot of embarrassing housewife disasters just after we got married. Most of them happened in the kitchen. I used to have a teapot, until I burned it up. I remember one morning boiling water for cider and when Josh went to pour it out he burned his fingers on the handle. He dropped it, and barely refrained himself from swearing. I kinda laughed at him a little bit. Then 5 minutes later I did the EXACT same thing, only I freaked out when I got burned, threw the thing across the kitchen, and it wound up melting my rug. I burned up more than 1 pan because of letting all of the water boil out of it. I baked brownies that exploded all over the oven. I tried to make spaghetti and then had to wait for Josh's family to get here, so it turned into goop instead of noodles. These stories could go on for days. More than once I removed the ugly stove cover, put a pot on the burner to boil water and found out later that I turned on the wrong burner. Yes, that's right, I really REALLY burned up covers. And these are OLD covers, probably came across the plains with her pioneer ancestors. After completely ruining 2 of them, I took the other 2 off and have had much better luck with the stove. I'm learning - slowly but surely. It's no wonder this poor lady was convinced that I'd burn her house to the ground, she wasn't far from the truth!

So for the past year, I've kinda been looking for replacements. Hoping I could find the exact thing, and the closer we get to moving out, the more I realize that I'm going to have to buckle down, but her new ugly ones and tell her what horrible thing I did. Josh is convinced that she won't care about them and probably wants new ones anyway, I'm still a little convinced that she inherited them from someone special.
Today in my Christmas shopping (which by the way was far more successful online than it was in actual stores) I decided I'd just check ebay 1 more time even though I've spent hours looking already and never found a thing. And suddenly there it was! I found them! Thanks to ladycharguth I may get away with not telling this nice lady that I wrecked her stuff! I can't even tell you how excited I am. Ebay truly has the answers to most of life's problems.

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  1. That is hilarious. Lucky for the person selling them they were exactly what you were looking for...otherwise I don't think she ever would have sold them, seeing how ugly they are!


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