Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Home again!!!

Yay that Josh is home. I am amazed at how much I missed him! The weekend was stressful and busy, but good. The last couple of days have been every bit as stressful and busy, and I don't feel like I see him any more than I did when he was in Chicago. Sigh. I guess that's just part of life. I am thankful for the time I get to spend with him and I'm trying to learn not to whine.

The other night I picked him up from school and I was craving Wendy's SOOO bad! I don't even remember the last time I did a late-night Wendy's run but it always has and always will remind me of living in the dorms with Jamie, Hailey and Chelsea. So, after school we went to Wendy's and got Jr. Bacon Cheeseburgers (greatest invention EVER!) AND french fries. Josh and I have an ongoing....debate...discussion....argument (not sure what the correct word is here) about Wendy's french fries. Because we lived off of Wendy's in the dorms, I LOVE their fries. good memories. Josh thinks they're gross, he only likes McDonald's fries which I think are gross. Because of the great fry debate, we rarely go to Wendy's so I was excited that I won and we got to go. We came home, ate on the floor (a requirement for a midnight Wendy's run) and watched TV and talked. That's the kind of thing I love about Josh. He's seriously my very best friend in the whole wide world. I'm glad to have him back. So, the question of the day is, who has the best fries?

Beyond that, life is just...normal. I've been working a lot, and haven't had time to do much else. I still feel like I'm catching up on laundry since he got home. I think I will forever feel like I'm behind on laundry. I'm thrilled that it's Christmas, and started to get excited to go shopping. I don't have a car again this Christmas season (that was the case last year too), but fortunately Al Gore invented the Internet which means Christmas Shopping will be easy enough. Now if only I can think of stuff to get for everybody!

Just so there is an official update: no I have not heard back about the job in HR. I don't really expect to until they send out the "we don't really like you" e-mail, and that's OK.

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