Friday, November 23, 2007

The Friday that wasn't white.

I love Fridays. And Holidays. And pretty much any day that Josh doesn't have to go to school. Today though....well I only kinda loved today.

Misty and Mom Reilley always go shopping on the day after Thanksgiving. And they go all day long. They start at 4am and don't usually stop until 9pm. Sometimes they break for lunch. They're insane, and we all reap the benefit. This year I actually got a little jealous, I looked at some of the ads and saw some great deals. Some good stuff I wanted, some things even worth waking early for. This morning we got bored of sleeping at about 5 anyway, so we figured that we might as well go get some super cheap stuff to give to the people we love. So, we headed for Circuit City because they had real cheap movies and things.

When we pulled up there was a line of people outside, which was strange because they'd been open for quite some time. We found out from other people in line that they were only letting 400 people in the store at a time. So, they let the first 400 in, and as one person would leave, they'd let one more person in. Seriously, that's INSANE!!! By the time we found out that we'd be in the line until the people in the store were finished, we had already been there for a long time so we figured we may as well get in and do some shopping. We did, we found good stuff, spent WAY too much money, got some good deals, went CRAZY, stood in LONG lines, waited for someone to pay attention to us, it was a LOT of unproductive shopping. I wanted to go to Smith's Marketplace for the sock sale, and we did. They had games for a pretty good deal, we got some good stuff, but spent WAY too much time wandering around and WAY too much time in line and got very little done.

On the plus side, Josh's computer was in the car and I got to shop online while we were doing Redbox. That was INCREDIBLY productive. I can't even tell you how much I hate stores, crowds, advertising the price after the rebate, "limited quantity available", and parking lots. Online shopping solves every one of those problems for me, and I'm 99% sure that I will only buy gift cards and things that can be delivered to my door from now on. So, if you know me, please don't be offended by the impersonal gifts - but I can't handle it. I officially resign from shopping in stores. Especially on Black Friday.

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