Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Welcome to grown-upness

I have decided that I'm officially a grown-up now. It's something I've been fighting for quite some time, and most days I don't count as a grown up because I have no babies. BUT I don't believe I can fight it much longer. Below are just a few of the reasons:

1. I hang out with my mother-in-law without my husband.
2. I go to pampered chef parties for actual kitchen utensils, not just to eat the good food.
3. I attend said pampered chef parties with my mother-in-law.
4. I eat oatmeal for breakfast. And there are no pictures of pirates or games on the cover or fake fruit in fun shapes in the oatmeal. It's just oatmeal.
5. My conversations with my "significant other" are more about bills and decisions than about movies, and dinner dates.
6. I'm house shopping.

There are more reasons, but those are the ones that are on my mind. However, the more I think about it, I think there are countering reasons that prove I'm not quite a grown-up just yet.

1. I buy "ninja tongs" at pampered chef parties.
2. I still buy sugar cereal for Saturdays.
3. I am DYING to go to the zoo with my significant other because they have giraffes and hippos there.
4. I'm scared of house shopping.
5. My mother-in-law is cool. So the fact that I hang out with her doesn't mean I'm old.
6. I put sidewalk chalk on my list for Santa.

See? I think I get to stay a child for a little longer.

At the pampered chef party last night, the guy that was doing the presentation thing was really cool and he was showing us all of his cool new bamboo stuff. Josh and I have an ongoing joke about bamboo in the kitchen because we got like 3 bamboo cutting boards for our wedding and I don't like them, but we couldn't find anywhere to take it back, so we re-gifted it to someone we love. We think it's weird to have bamboo in your kitchen. I'm starting to understand because of the demonstration exactly why the bamboo is cool, but it'll still take some getting used to.

Anyway, the guy doing the demonstration was really cool, and he was showing us the new bamboo salad tongs. The cool thing about these tongs is that they swing clear around so that they can fold flat, but when they are in their "tong position" (as shown in the picture on the left) they have normal tonging tension to keep them open. You should also know that I've been in search for the perfect tongs since....well...a long time. They are all the wrong size, or that annoying piece that keeps them closed in your drawer slides down when you're using them, or something else. Anyway, these are the cool bamboo tongs. He started showing us how they flip clear around to lay flat and was whipping them all over the place. Then he said they're also cool because you can impress your kids with your kitchen-ninja skills. Well, I got all excited when he mentioned the ninja thing, and I wrote on my order form "ninja tongs" without even thinking that's not really what they're called. That's embarrassing, but I'm SO excited for my ninja-tongs. I think they're cool. I also got other stuff that I'm excited for, but I think I might have to wrap them up for Christmas which is kindof a bummer.

Josh and I decided a little while ago that we'd have a really small Christmas this year so we could buy a house and save a ton of money and go to Oregon. I'm not sure how it's going to work out though, because every year from about September - December, everything I buy is "for Christmas" it's my way of guilt-free shopping for 4 months, which usually works out pretty well. Only I keep buying stuff that I'd probably buy anyway, and call it a Christmas present. So, I have a TON of stuff that I want for Christmas aka life; and I can't think of a darn thing to get Josh. Shopping for husbands is hard. Any good ideas? I'm open to suggestions.

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