Sunday, June 30, 2013


Because my life is crazy and hectic and so very full of failures, not-good-enoughs and "why isn't this working?!?!"s, I feel confident that when I post the sweetest, sappiest, most adorably perfect moments here, nobody (myself, my posterity, and my fan club - hi mom!) will think this is normal.

On Friday night Josh and I should've gone out on a date, but he got struck with the plague (and we had no plans, but the plague is a less commonly used excuse and a good one - I'd hate to waste it by taking the fall with my "no plans" excuse which is the one we use every other day), so I asked Tommy if he'd like to join me at the grocery store and maybe a date after. He jumped at the chance because it would delay bedtime and he has decided that he would balance out the first 3 years of his 6:30 bedtime with a 10:30 bedtime so that we could pretend his had a normal 8:30 bedtime.

So we went to the store. While we were there I asked him if he was having fun on our "date". He rolled his eyes and said "mo-om, THIS (gesturing the store) is not a date, this is just boring old groceries." Right-o.

We opted for ice cream afterward, and due to the great E.Coli poisoning of Lindon city water it took 3 stops before we landed at the local frozen yogurt bar.

He was the perfect gentlemen - he even opened my door and held my hand.
He was loads of fun - making goofy faces and showing me how to put the gummy worm from his ice cream over my teeth so I could match his smile.
And in the end I got a kiss.
He's totally my type.

At the end of this perfect date as I boosted him up into his carseat he kissed my cheek and sweetly said, "mommy, my heart is tellin' me I love you." and I melted into a puddle right there on the sidewalk.
I managed to tell him that my heart was telling me I love him too through my happy-mom-tears.
Then he smiled even bigger as he made the connection. "I guess our hearts just love each other huh?"

I guess they do.

And I hope we never forget that.


  1. Oh my gosh how adorably sweet!!

  2. SO SO SWEET! You'll be SO glad you documented that someday.

  3. Oh my goodness. I hope his heart just keeps on talkin' like that forever. What a sweetie pie!


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