Thursday, June 6, 2013


These boys.


There just aren't words - and any mom of any child in any place or time will say the same.

Lately they've both been making sure I know that they don't need me which both breaks my heart and makes me unreasonably proud.

John runs around all day like he's the king of the world. He gets his own snacks and puts on his shoes and points to his belly button on command.

Tommy climbs into John's crib, pushes chairs and stool around to get the things that are "way too high so I can't reach them mom" and screams when we try to help him with something he can do by himself (including attempting to feed my sister's fish a fruit snack).

I realize these milestones are old news and maybe it's just a recent surge of sentimentality, but my babies aren't babies and they are so dang much fun that I can hardly stand it. I really love sleeping through the night (sometimes) and I'm looking forward to a world without sippie cups. I love that everybody who is coming to the store with me can walk on their own two legs. My babies are beautiful capable man children and I love them.

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