Friday, June 21, 2013

When I Grow Up

The other day we drove past some road construction and Tommy was fascinated by the giant hole the construction workers were digging in the middle of the road.

T: "What are they doin' mom?"
M: "Digging a hole."
T: "why?" (I equal parts hate and love the why phase.)
M: "because it's their job."
T: "to earn all the money money?"
M: "yep."
T: "why's it's their job mom?"
M: "because it's what they chose to do when they grew up."
T: "what I'm gonna be when I get a grown up?"
M: "You can be anything you want when you grow up. You get to choose."
M: "What do you think you'll want to be when you grow up?"
T: "A HOLE digger.
or an ice cream guy!
or a drive-er! Mom! I could DRIVE when I grown up!"

This child has high hopes - and who am I to shatter that kind of dream?


  1. Cutie! I try not to think too hard about the growing up thing or the driver thing. Sheesh!

  2. A hole digger! I'm already scared of teaching my children to drive. Hopefully Randy can take that job so they don't end up like their mother.


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