Sunday, May 12, 2013

On Being A Mother

This year Josh is working all of Mother's Day weekend. Saturday, Sunday & Monday he's gone for 14 hours each day.

Which gives me a different (for me) perspective on Mother's Day this year.

Rather than wishing I was being pampered and having a break from all of the hard things about being a mother, [insert list of activities revolving around foods, bodily fluids, chores, breaking stuff and crying here]

Instead I get to enjoy all of my favorite things about being a mother. With my kids.
Yes I'm still cooking and cleaning and wiping tears this weekend.

But mostly, I'm:
  • snuggling
  • sharing ice cream
  • teaching my boys about watering the flowers
  • showing them the beauty of the mountains
  • reading stories
  • taking my tiny men to a man store (Home Depot)
  • singing songs
  • kissing. slobbery and right on the lips. (or in John's case, teeth)
  • snoozing in the afternoon
  • running barefoot in the grass (but only until the pokeys come out)
  • letting them believe that mac 'n cheese is gourmet food
  • going for walks
  • digging in the dirt
  • playing hopscotch (because Tommy saw it on Blue's Clues)
  • watching them be SO grown up in church (and being called out for crying about it) 
  • having a dance party
  • learning with them how to play games on my phone
  • and really REALLY enjoying that they're both old enough and young enough to give me really good bear hugs
There are a million reasons I need a break every now and then. And 2 million more reasons I'd never give it up. Not even if it meant I never had to do dishes or laundry again.

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