Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Any Extra Stress?

When I went to the Dr. on Saturday to see if I really had shingles (I do.) the first thing she said was "what's the extra stress about?"

I tried hard not to laugh at her. Because that would have been rude. Instead I told her it was just the regular. Which is (unfortunately) true. I'm a bit of a stress-case. Always.

That's why it's so awesome that I'm not at all worried that the house that we're renting (here in PG) is being foreclosed. Trustee sale in 2 weeks.

So depending on who buys it, we may be looking for a new place soon.

Legally they have to let us live here for 90 days after the sale, so I'm confident we'll be here at least through July. But I'm really not sure after that.

The good news is (1) not my credit score (2) not my property (3) not my fault.

Pray that whoever buys this place wants to rent it to us for even less than we're currently paying? (ha!)


  1. I'm so sorry! We ended up in a similar situation a year and a half ago right at Christmastime! Stupid shady landlords! But... I can see God's hand in it now, and know we were led to the place we are currently at. So, praying for God's guidance for your sweet family right now! Xoxo

  2. Ps, I hope you're felling better ASAP!

  3. Oh dear. They had better let you live there because I don't approve of you moving so soon.... long do shingles usually stick around?


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