Thursday, February 28, 2013

Jobs are Expensive

The point of a job is to make money... but so far it's just a whole lot of money going out.

Apparently over the last 3 years I've traded in my skirts and nylons wardrobe (Church Office Building dress code back in the dark ages before womens' legs were freed from oppression) for yoga pants and stained t-shirts. It makes sense of course because the job of momming is no place for a skirt. Or nylons. Too much sneezing and grabbing and crouching for things like that.

But bleach stained shirts and stretchy pants are not appropriate for an office (or so I'm told) so I shopped. Which is expensive. 

Then I drove all over creation.

And fed my family fast food.

And picked up a little Dr. Pepper to make it through the day.

And paid someone else to wear yoga pants and watch the sneezing grabbing little ones. 

And here I am. Broke. Feeling like I'm in elementary school again with "school clothes" and "play clothes". (Which I never had in Elementary School - but my friends all did...)

But really it's fun to have real clothes again though. I forgot what it was like to wear something that people might genuinely compliment.


  1. Yeah, we calculated out how much we wouldn't make if I was working and shot that idea down. That's not to say that having you work isn't what's right for your family, so don't think I'm trying to say you shouldn't work either.

    I admire you for going back to work, though. I think you are brave and strong and amazing. But I'd think that if you stayed home all day, too.

    Congratulations on your new school clothes—I'm sure you look great (says the woman in yoga pants wearing a shirt that is covered in boogers and spit up and has two holes in it)!

  2. You seriously do look good in your new clothes :)


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