Tuesday, December 4, 2012

4 Dinners per Week = success

Or The One Where Tommy Discovers Feta

I'm counting the Thanksgiving dinner that I contributed to, and the family pizza night which I also contributed to....

November's goal was intended to make us eat out less. And when I make dinner we eat out less.

I thought.

Except now that we live insanely close to civilization (I go to the store when I'm missing an ingredient instead of calling all my neighbors. It's faster. Seriously. We're THAT close. Dear Foxboro, GET A GROCERY STORE! Or don't because the neighbors there are awesome. Doesn't really matter.) it turns out that just making dinner wasn't enough of a goal. We still ate out A LOT out of sheer laziness - lunch, breakfast, snacks, pre-dinner meal and "making dinner at 9pm (only once)). And my child now recognizes the Arby's sign.

Still, I'm counting this as wildly successful because when I told Josh that it was my goal for November he got all depressed and told me that he was excited because he thought it was "for real" that I was cooking dinner all the time. I agreed that it was nice to have real meals and that I'd keep it up the best I could.

We also had almost all real meals. No mac 'n cheese or just pasta. Which is why we had spinach salad with feta and cranberries almost every night.

Which is how I know that Tommy thinks "feta my fav'rite food mom."

He requests spinach salad every night now. Smarty. And he eats it.

Here's hoping this one sticks and that we eat out less and I cook more. (so far I've made dinner every night in December....so......)


  1. wow, Tommy likes fetta? My kids think it stinks. Your kid is kind of amazing!

  2. You never cease to amazing and impress me my Friend! First giving to those in need and now cooking?! Impressed I am!

  3. Go, Amy, go go!! I want to come have some feta with Tommy at your house! ;)

  4. Ahhh making dinner every night is hard. And I wish Foxboro had a grocery store, but then again, I think we spend less because it is such a pain to go to the store.


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