Wednesday, December 19, 2012


I hear that shoplifting for some people is thrilling and exciting and fun and even necessary (Alladin, I'm talkin' to you) but for me it isn't any of those. It's just something that I do sometimes...

That's not really true. 


Earlier this week I dragged my snot-nosed pajama-clad blanket-wrapped kids to the grocery store because they wouldn't eat anything we had no juice and we had gone through ALL FOUR of my emergency tissue boxes and we were out of medicine and everybody was ill. 

So there I was attempting to laugh at my pathetic grocery lineup (orange juice, 9 boxes of puffs plus, children's ibuprofen, 3 boxes of airborne, and a lindor truffle) with the checker at Macey's. So busy focusing on recognizing that this was ridiculous that I didn't recognize that giant 12 pack of paper towels under my cart. And neither did he. 

And when I got out to my car and put it in, I thought "I bet I didn't pay for that...I don't remember seeing him scan it" But then I remembered my snot-nosed pajama-clad blanket-wrapped sick children already buckled in. (not without effort) And I looked at the LOOOOONG walk through the snow/slush/rain back to the store, and I threw the paper towels in my car and came home. 

The paper towels are still in my car so I can drag them back into the store the next time I go and pay for them. 

Shoplifting is sortof a pain in the butt. 


  1. oh dear. yah, definitely inconvenient.

  2. You should go fix it with the store before posting this though so the police don't come after you. I heard some awful story about extreme penalties for shoplifting whether intentional or not.

    1. It's already done, the customer service lady said I "restored her faith in humanity". Apparently they don't see a whole lot of that....

  3. Whew. good job Amy! Seriously, that was a pain for you to do that.

  4. If they happen to throw you in the slammer, I'll come post your bail you rebel you!!!!

  5. I knew this had a happy ending....You really didn't shop life, you did the mothering thing for those sick baby's. The store isn't going to run out of paper towels before you get back there and they will properly just smile.
    Hope your children are feeling better. Merry Christmas!

  6. I really dislike finding myself in that situation, but I have. I think I have even tried calling the store and paying for it over the phone with a credit card. I hope you feel better soon!

  7. Yup, happened to me. With pumpkins. It wasn't raining. I just felt too lazy to take my baby out of the carseat and back into the store with the stinking pumpkins. I called customer service, and they said they wouldn't take payment over the phone. 2 weeks later when I finally returned to that store, I asked her to add two pumpkins to the total. And then I felt better :)

  8. I went to the drugstore the other day to pick up some stuff and put a chapstick in my pocket while I waited for them to be done and completely forgot to pay for it, and didn't remember till I got back to work and felt something bulky in my pocket. And then I had to drive allll the way back to pay for it. You know, since Smith's is so far away from work. But still.


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