Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Things I've Googled in the last 48 hours

Wanna play "what have you googled"?
  • Where do boogers come from?
  • How to get rid of weevil (don't do this, it ruins your testimony of food storage)
  • What do weevil eat (don't do this, it's gross....and fascinating)
  • Utah county cheap date ideas
  • Various ultra top secret gift searches
  • Real mistletoe
  • How to use an epi pen
  • NAET practitioner
  • What is a person-to-person allergy?
  • Places to stay near yellowstone
  • Nyquil for kids
Now you go. What have you googled (or binged...I'm an equal opportunity searcher) in the last week?


  1. Thats too easy ...
    in the last three hours I have Googled:
    How to design your own headstone
    Artist Paul Cameron Smith
    Left behind Author
    Santa Claus
    Bling Belts
    Montana Silversmith Dishes
    American West Purses
    Las Vegas
    Local Western Store

    Now I have to go do the dishes. Maybe I should Google how to get someone else to do my dishes...lol!

  2. terry bathrobes (shhh... don't tell!)
    what time is it in Medicine Hat? (Hooray for missionary phone calls!)
    Mike Mulligan and his Steam Shovel (which led to lots of books and a visit from Amazon to a mailbox near me)
    crocheting with sashay (which led to a visit to my stupid Walmart, which may be the only Walmart on the planet that doesn't carry this yarn)
    Mormon feminists (don't even get me started)

    1. I want to sit next to you while you google again. *sigh*

  3. So...what is a person to person allergy? Do they need an epi pen?

    1. As far as I can tell it's when one person is desperately in love with another, but gets sick every time they are around their one true love. Then they get to claim an allergy and whine about the tragedy of the life. :)


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