Monday, January 19, 2009

The power of music

I love music. I always have. I don't function without background music. It has a certain power over me. Music moves me to do things.

I hear the Carpenters or Natalie Cole and immediately start cleaning bathrooms.
I hear Jingle Bells and vomit.
I hear Baby Its Cold Outside and need to sing in the shower (thanks Elf).
I hear Rascal Flatts and fall in love with my husband again and again.
I hear JoDee Messina and want to go for a run in the rain.
I hear One Boy, One Girl and put one hand at a time on Josh's tummy. He likes to pretend his belly is big enough to be "carrying twins" and ALWAYS sticks it out when that song comes on.
Wicked makes me want to type (thus the blogging and facebooking) because I was introduced to it at work.
Obviously you can't Sun without "BEAM" -ing while jumping out of your chair. Even when you're the grown up reverent pianist you can't do it. Believe me, I tried.

Not only do songs motivate me to do thing, but they remind me of things. Every song reminds me of something and I love that.

Like the first time I heard "When It's Over" was while driving to Yogurt Parlor in AF from my then brand new job at USDC. I went with Lori who I was replacing, and now that song makes me think of her. I haven't seen her since she quit. I don't even know her last name.

Or Back At One which will forever make me think of Stake Dances and my friends from Orem ("Oremers").

Most Collin Raye songs belong to my high school boyfriend due to a VERY sappy mixed CD he made for me at Valentine's. However, now that Josh and I have been together almost as long as Braden and I were, Josh is kinda taking over some of those....

The Friends Theme song will immediately take me back to my beloved apartment in the dorms. I get teary just thinking about it.

Anne Murray has everything to do with dancing in the kitchen with my daddy.

Just like that music can make me do, think, or feel any way I want. I just realized it's kinda like a super-power. Do you think Josh knows he could so easily control my moods? Probably not or I'd be grouchy a whole lot less than I am. Maybe I should tell him.....or MAYBE I should use my power for evil....

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  1. I just realized I can now make the comment I wanted to make before that your blog wouldn't let me. I loved this blog :) I am the exact same way...probably a bit to the extreme...a lot to the extreme :D Glad I can have a music fanatic friend in the world.


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