Sunday, September 7, 2008

I'm brown.

I think as a general rule I communicate pretty well. Like when I say something to someone, they nod and look at me like they understood me. I speak English. I don't mumble. I listen well. But, for some reason, everytime there is a reason for family pictures in the Reilley family, I go get my hair done normal, and I wind up with a drastic change.

I was done with having blonde hair, so I asked the nice lady to dye it the same color as my natural hair. This is what I look like now.

Forgive the unflattering picture, it was taken in the car on our way out and about.....

I'm learning to like it, but when I first came home, it freaked me out. Fortunately Josh still loves me, and he even told me that he likes it better than he thought he would.
Anyway, sometime I would like to speak the apparently foreign language of "hair lady" so that I can properly communicate to these people what I really want. I'm tired of coming all freaked out and scared of what I look like. If anybody knows of a class I can take or something, I'm VERY interested!


  1. I personaly LOVE it! Remember before I moved I told you that you should die your hair that color...yeah, i like it :) You're beautiful :)

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