Friday, September 19, 2008

Another reason Josh doesn't need me

Redbox is making Josh spend the week in Vegas. Not something I'm thrilled about, but when you work for a company as cool as Redbox, you take the little negatives and remember that the free hat that says "Redbox" on it TOTALLY makes up for it.

Since he'll be in an strange city trying to get to specific locations all week, he borrowed the company GPS unit to help him get around.

That thing is COOL. She's a genius. Not only does she tell you when and where to turn, but she tells you one direction in advance, like "turn left here, then Right" so you have an idea of which lane you belong in. You can also do things like "entertainment > bowling" and she tells you that you're right next to Boutiful Bowling without even knowing it! What a fantastic machine. Something tells me that I'm going to be just as excited when we finally get a DVR/TiVO. I already don't know how we ever lived without the nice GPS lady.....I'm never going back to normal life.

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