Friday, September 19, 2008

Best. Friday. Ever.

Josh and I have been in a rut. We're boring lately. Weekends full of....nothing, which I REALLY needed when we started having boring weekend, but now we're....well....bored.

So, today I got off work early (woot woot! working for a place that doesn't like overtime is nice sometimes....) and we went to the temple for a fantastic session. Seriously fantastic. I love Salt Lake.

Once we got home, Josh took me on a hot dinner date at Chli's, which I was pretty nervous about because the last few times we've gone there (over that past few's not like I go every weekend) it's been a nightmare. Like we don't even get menus within the first 15 minutes that we're there....literally. Anyway, this was a fantastic time and everybody was nice and normal and not creepy and most importantly, they brought our food when we asked them for it. It's amazing what that will do for you. :)

Josh tried to teach me the rules to football (I know, I know, something I really should know by now) using the tiles in the table as yard lines...and then we went to Walmart to grab some things I needed (I'm sorry, but when your flat-iron doesn't heat up and you have a "little bit of wave" in your hair, you GOTSTA have a flat iron). Josh tried some more to teach me football in the parking lot, with the handicapped stalls as the end zone and parking lines as yard lines. He was thinking life size would make it better, but it didn't.

On our way home we decided to go bowling (I know we're so spontaneous!) and I beat Josh.....once. On the way home of course we needed ice cream and I learned that a malt is VERY different from a shake, in a bad way. A mistake I'll never make again.

We tried unsuccessfully to get Josh's borrowed GPS lady between Bountiful and our house, and we still got home at a reasonable hour! Seriously, this was the Best. Friday. Ever.

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  1. Sounds so fun! I still haven't ever been to the Salt Lake Temple...I need to do that sometime. As for having boring weekends...when in the heck are you guys going to come down? We have plans next weekend, but maybe the next (the Friday before conference?)


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