Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Today I love my job. And this is why:

Josh came up to bring me lunch because he loves me. But instead of going to get lunch I made him just bring it to me and eat with me because it was already like 2:00. So he brought up Subway and we started to go out on the back porch to eat. Then David comes and says we need to eat on the front porch where it isn't so cold (due to the sun/shade factor) and we can see the view, maybe even make out. We laugh, and decide to take advantage of the front porch. David escorts us to his front porch and brings out his kitchen chairs and sets up the lawn chair as a table. We laugh a little more. Then he brings out the plant that was on his table and sets it down for our centerpiece and we really laugh. Then he brings out a candle and tells us he'll try to keep the paparazzi away. I said something about how I wished I had my camera and 2 minutes later there he is taking pictures of our romantic lunch date on his front porch. :) Seriously, this guy is funny when he wants to be! So, we ate our candlelight subway on the porch with the view of the city....today I love my job.

As a side note, I JUST got the rejection e-mail today saying they didn't hire me for that other position with the church - there's a shock! But it's all good, because today I love my job!


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