Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Do you ever have those moments when you realize how different 2 people can be? And then you realize you're married to someone who is about as different as possible? I had one of those on Sunday.

I LOVE living close to our family and friends, I love that we get to visit the people we love all the time, and I LOVE that we don't get lonely. However, I am one those people who just gets close to a few people and is content with that. I never had a ton of friends, just a few really good friends. That's the way I like it, I'm uncomfortable in crowds, I like knowing somebody really well, and I'd far rather hang out with 1 person I know VERY well and love dearly than a group of people I get along with just fine. Josh on the other hand gets anxious when he's not doing something or going somewhere or talking to people. He loves to get a big group of people together and play games until nobody is having fun anymore. He loves to watch people interact with each other, and he loves to have 20 conversations/activities going on at 1 time. I think it supports his ADD.

Sunday was our last Sunday that was ours for the next month and a half. From now until we move we have plans EVERY single Sunday, and most of them are Christmas parties or Birthday celebrations. So, I was thrilled that I could cook us dinner, hang out, play some 2 player games, and just enjoy each others' company without having to worry about going anywhere, getting home late, or anything else that's stressful.

Josh really enjoyed the morning like that, but we'd only been home from church for an hour when the whining started.
"Are you sure there isn't somewhere we should be right now?" He asked
"No, we have tithing settlement in 45 minutes, but that's all today."
"Isn't' it somebody's birthday?"
"Are you sure Jamie and Cameron don't want to come and play?" Before church when he realized we had no plans, we both got excited and decided we'd force Jamie and Cameron to come play games with us. We even put bottles of water in the fridge in preparation (Jamie hates Utah water, and only drinks bottled water). We were so prepared. Then I remembered they would be in Washington, or on their way home from Washington, or unpacking from their trip to Washington. I told Josh that we weren't allowed to bother them within the first 3 hours that they were back. He was sad.
"I'm not sure they don't' want to come play, but I'm sure we're not going to pounce on them the second they get home! Sometimes people just need some time to recover from a trip, and we have to let them do that."
"Do we have any other friends?"
"Nope. Looks like you're stuck with me today." I joked - mostly.
"OK. Wanna play greed?"
So it went, for the whole afternoon. He kept asking if we could call Jamie and Cameron, I kept saying no, then we'd decide we're going to be lost when they move to Washington and we'd better learn how to make some new friends, just in case of emergencies like this.

I crave that kind of time with Josh, just the two of us hanging out, nowhere to go, no responsibilities, no distractions. He hates it, he goes crazy, gets bored, doesn't want to do anything, can't handle doing nothing, it's bad. We wound up going to bed pretty early because he was so stir crazy and can't handle being awake with nothing to do. Poor kid - I hope that once we have 10 zillion kids running around out house that will satisfy his need for something to be happening at all times.


  1. There will definitely be something happening all of the time with kids in the house, and don't think it take 10 zillion, and don't think the things happening are always satisfying! ;)

  2. I think Cameron and I are exactly the same as you and Josh. :) I don't know what we are going to do either when we move!! I'm just trying not to think about it...


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