Sunday, April 17, 2011

Zoo People

I figured that since we've been to the zoo more times this year than in all my previous 25 years of life, we were becoming Zoo People.


Zoo People
 But after our quick trip on Saturday, I sincerely hope that is not the case. Instead, I hope that Zoo People continue to make us do this:

Because Zoo People are yucky.
And they smell like animals.
And they stand too close together.
And they make animal sounds (guilty).
And they lick things (ice cream...but whatever - I saw way too much tongue).
And they touch each other.
And the young (teenage) zoo people are particularly disgusting and naked and all over each other.

So while I love the Zoo, and I love Tommy's face when he's watching the animals; I love it best when it's March and it's overcast and there are only 2 other families there.

I do not love it when it's Saturday and the first day of sunshine in months and the crazies come out in droves.

I'm hoping for many quiet mornings at the zoo this summer. Before the sun turns normal people into Zoo People.

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  1. I HATE crowded, busy, annoying Saturdays when everybody is there! Ick! I KNEW we should of gone this past Saturday. We should get together some mid-week day (I'll take the day off work) and we can go be zoo people together! :) We LOVE the zoo and can't wait to get back again (if the sun ever decides to STAY)


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