Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter: Part 1 (more photos than words)

Josh's grandma (Grandma B.) boils a dozen eggs for every grandkid to dye at the Easter party. This has been the tradition since before Josh can even remember, and now that she has great grandkids, they each get a dozen too.

Tommy loved dropping the eggs in the dye.

But he especially loved the "yay Tommy!" part that came right after.

One of the egg kits had tattoos in it, so of course I had to give Josh a tattoo. He was all smiles

Until I unveiled my work of art and he realized I tainted his manly bicep with a butterfly tat.

Since it was freezing cold (even though Easter was almost a month late this year), we held all the festivities in Uncle Kyle's basement - which is totally awesome because while someone else distracted Tommy.....

....Josh and I rocked the dartboard.

But it WAS Easter, so we HAD to go outside at some point. A face which simply tore Tommy apart.

He could hardly wait to find those eggs.

Josh was happy to help.

Until he realized that the eggs were full of cheerios and goldfish, then he lost interest and let Tommy devour the loot.

We blew enormous bubbles (a beautiful day for that!)

and checked out the livestock out back 

World's ugliest turkey - and Josh making a turkey noise.
before taking our final pictures and wishing everyone a Happy Easter.

Us and Grandma B.

Happy Easter!

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