Monday, April 4, 2011

More on New Baby Egbert (NBE)


When are you due?: Dr. Man thinks that NBE will come on November 4th. NBE is measuring exactly where NBE should, so that's as good a due date as we're going to get. That would make Tommy 2 years and one month older than NBE.

Are you sick again?: Yes I'm sick. It's different to be sick at home than to be sick at work.
Sick at work was "OK get sick, brush your teeth and move on. Your phone is still ringing."
Sick at home is "Lock Tommy out of the bathroom and cry while you're sick because it's just so positively miserable, then moan and groan on the couch and when you feel the next bout of sickness run to the fridge because you can't eat & puke at the same time. Also still feed the older child when he cries and bangs on the fridge."

This is another reason I simply can't keep it a secret. I'm not good at quietly being miserable. I'm a big loud whiner and I can't do the things I used to. I can only "call in sick" to running so many days in a row before I have to admit that I expect to be sick every morning for the next 8 months and I really can't be counted on.

Did you have a hard time getting pregnant this time?: No. Not technically. We didn't take any drugs, or do any treatments. But we also haven't been preventing pregnancy for more than a few months. We weren't so antsy this time though, Josh is still in school, we live in a small townhouse with no yard and no extra room, when Josh's next semester starts I have no idea if he'll have a job again or not.... There are a lot of reasons for us not to have a kid right now so we were OK with it taking more than a month to happen so it feels like a bit of a surprise, but strictly took a while.

I'm really hoping that this is all part of a divine plan for our lives.

Are you hoping for a boy or girl?: The honest to goodness truth is that right now I'd be equally happy with either one. Really. If it's a boy I'll breathe a big sigh of relief because of all the things we don't have to buy. If it's a girl I'll be thrilled to already have one of each and to never have to care if it's a boy or girl again. So I really really mean it when I say I don't care either way.

Did you actually think you were keeping it a secret?: No. I did not. Like I said I'm a loud whiner. Also I stopped running and started eating roughly 7 meals a "soft around the middle" is the nice way to describe how I'm looking. Add that to the green face and the constant napping and I'm certain that some of you put it together. Which is why we told earlier than 13 weeks even though it would have been an awesome Easter surprise.


  1. So have you told Josh yet? This is so exciting!!

  2. I honestly had no idea you were pregnant, I hadn't even noticed. I am so happy for you guys, it will be so much fun. I am sorry you are sick and hope you feel better soon.

  3. WHAT!!!! Congratulations Amy, and Josh too, when he finds out! That is fantastic news!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Also, Tommy clearly loves my boys and they equally love him. Send him our way when you feel like locking him out of the bathroom. Believe me I remember that feeling...

  5. Congratulations! That is so exciting.

  6. I am so with you on the gender thing. People always expect me to want a girl. And this last one they thought I would be disappointed if it was a boy again. But I love that a boy is so much cheaper since we already have everything boy...and November 4th is just 2 days shy of 1 year younger than my baby (and the same month as my birthday) so the little one is gonna be an angel for sure ;)

  7. Congratulations Amy! I'm so excited for you two!

    I'm so glad I finally came to visit you're blog. You're such a good writer! I've been reading through a few of your posts (is that weird?) and I just think you're hilarious! I love it! I'm definitely going to have to follow you!


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