Friday, April 8, 2011


Earlier this week Souper Salad sent me an e-mail for free food. So I imagined going there to see if it would really be worth it to go there with Bubbah. Answer: No. It's not worth it without Daddy to play with/feed Bubbah too.

But the problem is that ever since I saw the e-mail I've needed bread sticks.

So last night at 9:30 I made bread sticks and they are dang freakin' good. Tommy and I have been eating them all day long.

But then I saw a commercial for IHOP and now I must have waffles. And not homemade ones either, the kind with the big holes. And they need to be topped with "fresh fruit" which is really blended fruit mixed with sugar...and some chunks of real fruit too. I neeeed them.

And while we're getting waffles we may as well get hash browns.

And if we're at a breakfast place, I'm sure Josh will get some kind of skillet, which will remind me that I haven't had cheese fries in a VERY long time and I should probably get some while I still can.

But what good are cheese fries with no shake to dip them in?

And that is the story of why I plan to eat waffles, hash browns, cheese fries and a milkshake for breakfast tomorrow.

But I'll probably be hungry again by 10, which is when I'll eat my bread sticks.

What are you eating today?


  1. I love that this entry is in the same layout as one of the "give a mouse a cookie" books!

  2. And now I'm craving cheese fries...

  3. Laughing out Loud as I read...oh the joys of your {not so} secret. And since I AM doing Biggest Loser Salt Lake I guess I will just have to eat vicariously through you the next 9 months :)


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