Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Midnight Bonding

You know how you sometimes fall asleep on the couch and then move to bed at 1am? How sometimes it feels like you've been asleep since 8 (which is when you fell asleep) and other times it feels like you've been asleep since 1 (which is when you moved to bed) and other times it feels like you just closed your eyes for a second and never actually slept?

That was last night.

Tommy was up all night (still working on the same molars he's been working on for MONTHS - plural. months.) and my dreams were full of religious stress and relationship drama. A relief society VT conference in my bed? Sure! Climb in ladies, bring your kids! Let's talk about the issues we're having while snuggling under my covers Charlie and the Chocolate Factory style.

And when Josh was experiencing some sweet - and FRIGID - moments with Tommy in the middle of the night in the rocking chair, I was experiencing some un-sweet and sweaty moments hunched over my garbage can willing everything I've ever eaten to come out of me from as deep as my toes.

This morning when Tommy woke at 5:30, I simply couldn't believe he was finished sleeping. So I whispered to him from my room to "go back to bed baby sweetheart....please go back to bed." Which he did for nearly 30 minutes.

Is it irreverent to pray for a 2-nap day?

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  1. I think not! Lol! I have prayed that small quite prayer that my granddaughter would take a longer nap and that she would rest well. I can fall asleep if she does and she always wakes me.


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