Thursday, April 14, 2011

Nesting: Why I Didn't Need To

Josh has this strange knack for doing things that don't need to be done. Or that should be done but that I refuse to do because it's the kind of gross you can't see.

Ordinarily it drives me crazy because it almost always comes at an inopportune moment. Also because I'm tightly wound. Whatever. Like when we're late for church and he finds this the best moment to vacuum out the lint trap in the dryer. Or when we should've left for the shrink's office 10 minutes ago and he just wants to "hurry and change the air filter for the furnace".

But every now and then it pays off. Because sometimes someone (the Kirby vacuum guy) mentions to him that mattresses are disgusting (which is why civilized humans use sheets) and then he decides to spend an hour vacuuming the mattress and box-springs before changing the sheets.

He is a good man.


  1. LOL you are tightly wound! Also- my husband does the same thing. He never thinks of these things until we are ALREADY behind schedule.

  2. That is exactly how my dad is! I remember all growing up if my mom was stressing about getting the house cleaned for something, my dad would always do something like reorganize the bookshelves or clean the car or something. Too funny.


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