Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Typical Night

Written March 17th:

Josh and I are curled up on the couch watching 24 and it's a bit know, like 24, Give me a name!!! I'm running out of time! when I can suddenly taste my teeth.
And it's not good.
I've been eating all day (roughly 7 full-blown meals) so I'm not surprised my teeth aren't squeaky clean, but they're seriously grossing me out. In the middle of a fairly intense questioning, I pause the show and get up to brush my teeth.

Josh asks where I'm going and why and I tell him I need to brush my teeth.
"In the middle of an episode?" he throws up his hands in disgust and follows me to the bathroom.
I brush.
He brushes.
While spitting and rinsing I whiff the sink and immediately go for the cleaning solution.

Josh looks at me and chuckles heartily.
I look at me and sigh.

"I think I'm pregnant" I say.
"I don't think much else would make tooth-brushing and sink-scrubbing more important than saving the world right now." He reasons.

After a thorough scrubbing of all sinks and counters in the house, we return to watching the nuke destroy the Mojave Desert while Jack miraculously gets away (again).

Have I said it lately? Pregnancy changes everything.

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