Friday, April 15, 2011

Bubbah Learns to Slide

This morning Tommy and I headed for the park at the crack of dawn - er....8:30. That's sortof like the crack of dawn right? It felt like it.

Since I'm too lazy to stand at the slide and help Tommy down it a million times in a row, he learned how to do it himself today.

Need a play-by-play?
First we walk over to the stairs of death where somebody crushed a few Dorito's into the bark.

Then we scale the stairs like a master - because climbing up onto surfaces as high as our chests is easy-peasy.

Mom says we have to go shoes first. So we maneuver a bit.

Check the booty? Check. Is anyone paying attention? Check.

And then he was so proud, he made his cheeser-face:

It was a lovely morning at the park - we're looking forward to more like this over the summer. And who knows, maybe by the end of the summer, he'll stop making this face on the crazy slide and just do the fun slide instead because the crazy-slide is a little bit lame. Maybe if we added a hose at the top and a pool at the bottom it would be cooler?

And as your gift for watching such an exciting moment in Tommy-history, I give to you, a Shades Shot because they're my favorite.

You're welcome.

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