Monday, April 25, 2011

Sunday Duds

Tommy got Sunday duds for Easter.

See how handsome he is?

I might be biased, but I think I have the 2 handsomest boys this Easter.

Of course in the other 25 pictures I took while trying to get Tommy's attention, Josh is making this face, which must be the "I just snitched a jelly bean and can't get it out of my teeth" face.

I was there too. Although slightly less handsome.....

We look nice when we're all fulla sugar and haven't napped all day - huh?

Don't worry, I also let him run around naked and gave him a slinky. It wasn't an entirely formal Easter.

These also happen to be Tommy's "I went to Nursery for the first time" pictures. We were in my parent's ward, so we REALLY weren't sure how he'd do, but he only had a few meltdowns and they were all simply solved by a story or bubbles (or so the nice nursery leaders say....) in all, I'm calling this Easter wildly successful.


  1. Easter is fabulous. But nursery?!?! Now THAT'S something to celebrate!

  2. Dude, your little guy is beyond dashing!!! Can Lola marry him?

    We had similar Easter photo attempt. Lola was beyond angry, I was beyond puffy and Reece wanted a nap.

  3. I think your pictures are cute. I love cute little boy clothes.

    The picture in my blog is from the Grand Tetons.


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