Monday, April 11, 2011

Best Day Ever

Today I woke up feeling great, Tommy and I cleaned and cooked and did dishes and laundry and shredded old files (bank statements from high school? No thanks.) and got a million things done.
We enjoyed a tiny bit of sunshine every time we emptied the garbage can.
We walked down the street for a few minutes before decided to come inside and read some books by the window.

Then we went to his 18 month checkup with Dr. Lady and she declared him adorable and perfect even though he screamed in her face and doesn't really say enough words. She let him play with her stethoscope which he thought was awesome and he didn't even have to have shots. He's growing just right (back down to the 10th percentile for weight, the 95th for height and 50th for noggin) and is perfect in every visible way.

I felt non-pukey and non-tired and it was clearly the best day I've had in at least 10 weeks.

I love a good solid productive AND fun day.

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