Thursday, February 24, 2011

A teeny tiny piece of my day

Thursday is officially pajama day at our house.

Josh goes to do his clinical hours in the wee hours of the morning (much less ugly than "the butt-crack of dawn" right?) and Tommy and I sleep in. Mostly. Tommy starts babbling to himself around 6:30 or 7:00, and I love to count that extra time as sleeping in.

The thing about sleeping in, is that I don't really feel like I get a chance to shower and get ready because when Tommy naps I work, when I turn on a show for him, he wanders through the house looking for me.

Lifting toilet lids - nope, no mama in there!
Opening closet doors - nope, no mama in there!
Checking under the bed - nope, no mama in there!
And pulling back shower curtains - there she is!!!

This routine takes roughly 30 seconds and while I am a very quick shower-er, I take more than 30 seconds now that I wash my hair properly. Also I don't really like to have an audience while I shower. Nor do I like the banging on the bathroom door and screaming that happen when I lock him out.

So Thursday is pajama day.

That why Tommy was still in his jammies this afternoon when I realized how soggy his diaper was. So I unzipped the front of his footie jammies exposing the world's most adorable bare naked chest and gut, and removed the soggy diaper.

I walked down the hall to his room to toss the wet one and grab a dry one and when I came back out into the living room, there was Tommy, standing unzipped in the middle of the living room pushing his tummy out waiting for me. As soon as I was in his line of sight he peed. Right there in the middle of the living room floor.

I know, it's my own fault for leaving his nakeds out for so long.

I tried not to but I laughed out loud at him while he stood there peeing on my carpet. I think that's not how you're supposed to react to such appalling behavior and lack of manners, but some moments are just too funny to keep it in.


  1. I think it's awesome that you laughed. It shows you're an easy going mom! I would most likely be freaking out scaring the poor kid.

  2. max has done the exact same thing. at least twice. it is kind of cute in a way- i totally get that.

  3. ha ha ha... I've had that happen as well. Thank you for the good laugh.


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